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Vortex Model XL Diatom Filter 120 Volt Retrofit - In Stock


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Vortex Model XL Diatom Filter
For super cleaning your aquarium and water polishing, the Diatom XL filters up to 300 GPH for tanks up to 125 gallons. Is the highest speed aquarium diatom filter on the market (designed for continuous operation). Used to filter aquarium water to an extremely pure state, without disturbing the natural bacteria levels. It is very effective at getting rid of parasites and green water as well as dangerous bacteria. ..It uses a unique diatom powder to filter particles as small as one half - one diatom in size. Even some parasites and bacteria are large enough to be trapped and pulled out of the water by a diatom filter. It is a wonderful "green water" cleaner, as free-floating algae is too large to avoid the filter trap. Diatom Filters remove many free-swimming infectious stages of various parasites from the tank water before they can attach to their hosts, and when the attached adult parasites on the fish die, the fish are eventually left parasite-free. Because many free-floating bacterias are also removed from the tank, wounded fish often heal more quickly (absent the bacterias that cause infections)
After parasites and toxic algae problems have been eliminated, it is a good idea to schedule diatom filtration on a weekly basis or even continuously for a problem tank. Used properly, your Diatom filter will eliminate the need to "tear down" your aquarium to clean.

*This version of the filter comes with a magnetic drive retrofit pump produced by Bear Valley Aquatics. Rates for 758 gph maximum flow. The pump unit is warranted for 6 months by Bear Valley Aquatics and not Vortex Innerspace.

*Adjustable and directional flow

*Contains starter pack of diatom powder and everything needed to start using immediately.

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  • Model: XL
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  • Manufactured by: Vortex Innerspace

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