Quiet One® 6000 Pond and Water Garden Pump by Lifegard Aquatics

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*Pond and water garden pump improved for enhanced performance
*Multipurpose pond pump designed for longer life and reliable use
*High quality, corrosion-resistant bearing for quieter pump operation
*Included water fountainheads with diverter allows versatile setup

Popular Quiet One Pond & Water Garden Pumps are now even quieter! Redesigned pond pumps boast improved impeller technology and corrosion-resistant bearings to help ensure quiet operation and longer life. Enjoy remarkable, energy-efficient performance to drive pond filtration, waterfalls, water fountains or any water feature. These powerful and versatile pumps are great for underwater or dry (external) applications. Innovative "cooling chambers" air-cool pumps during dry use and water-cool during wet application. Internal recirculation prevents overheating and ejects obstructing debris to optimize pump performance for years of reliable use.

Quiet One Pro Pond & Water Garden Pumps feature adjustable flow control and include pre-filter and attachments to create a blossom or bell-shaped fountain display. 20 ft. power cord. Model 800 includes cylinder sponge pre-filter and Models 1200 to 6000 include square sponge pre-filter.

8002-3/4" x 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" high4.8 ft2401/2" Insert10
12003-3/4" x 2-3/4" x 3-1/4" high7 ft3171/2" MPT17.5
22006.11" x 4.02" x 4.33" high10.7 ft5941" MPT38
30006.11" x 4.02" x 4.33" high10.3 ft7581" MPT49
40006.11" x 4.02" x 4.33" high10.2 ft1,0221" MPT58
60007.68" x 4.56" x 5.32" high12.0 ft1,8761" MPT155
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