Heavy Duty, Commercial Quality Heating/Cooling Controller - Professional Version

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This is a professional heavy duty heating/cooling controller for your large aquarium or water circulation project fabricated by Bear Valley Aquatics.


  • Available in 1800 watt or 2400 watt versions.
  • Custom sizes including 230 volt models are available.
  • Power controlled by oversized independent contactor. By oversizing the contactor, this unit is suitable for both resistive (heating) and inductive (motor) loads.
  • The controller can be used control a small pump and heater for a custom recirculation system.
  • The pro controller utilizes a very versatile digital controller that is extremely configurable.
    • The controller utilizes either RTD or thermocouple sensors. Numerous types of sensors are compatible.
    • Dual alarm circuits are include. One circuit is configured to detect user-defined high and low temperature conditions. The second circuit is rough wired for initiating a secondary heating/cooling loop to respond to alarm conditions. 
    • Raise or lower the setpoint temperature by pressing up/down arrows on the controller panel.
    • Many configurable parameters for the serious user, but the factory defaults work for most situations.
  • No heating element or chiller is included with the controller, but you can optionally add a heater element to the order.
  • RTD sensor probe is water proof with a stainless steel head. Approximately 10 feet in length. Highly responsive
  • Includes supplementary circuit breaker.
  • Standard units come with three prong plug for standard US receptacles.
  • Enclosure is rated for IP65 and is completely non-metallic.
  • Bright LED panel indicator shows when the controller is sensing an alarm condition. Unit is bench tested prior to shipping and is preset to approximately 78°F. high temperature is set to 90°F and low temp is 72° F. All these values are easily modifed.
  • Available with UL 489 circuit breaker when primary branch circuit protection is required.
  • All components are completely replaceable and upgradable.
  • 6 month warranty on components only.
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