Vortex Diatom Filter Magnetic Drive Retrofit Pump

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This is a custom fabricated magnetic drive pump assembly for Vortex model XL and D1/DFF filters. It replaces your existing pump with a quiet, maintenance free magnetic drive pump. These units are made by Bear Valley Aquatics and are not supported or warranted by Vortex Innerspace Products, the maker of diatom filters. The kit consists of magnetic drive pump unit plumbed to a new Vortex main casting. Very little assembly is required, just take your old pump off the filter jar and put the new one on. Keep your original pump as a backup or spare.

  • Voltage: 120v, 60 hz. or 230V 50 Hz. for European Markets (not all sizes available)
  • Run continuously - Very Quiet Operation - UL Listed (XL models only - Available with a variable speed DC pump on XL units.
  • Listed flow rates are based on zero head. Actually operating flow is half (or less) of the listed flow rates.
  • No maintenance required, no motor seals or lubrication required. - 3/4" discharge tubing is recommended.
  • 6 month warranty by Bear Valley Aquatics covering the pump kit only for materials and workmanship only.
  • Please allow up to one week for fabrication.
  • Note: The carrying strap provided with XL filters does not fit properly on the retrofit pump.


NOTE: CURRENT VORTEX XL MAIN CASTINGS MAY NOT FIT PROPERLY ON OLDER FILTERS. IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS GETTING THE PUMP TO SEAT, YOU MAY NEED TO BUY A NEW JAR. Additionally, the discharge fitting on the retrofit pump will not easily work with the factory tubing provided with your filter. We recommend 3/4" discharge hose.

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